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TMHP Email Terms and Conditions of Use

You are hereby advised that electronic mail and online chat messages sent through this website are not inherently secure from misdirection or interception by third parties, and that electronic mail and online chat messages sent to TMHP must not contain any private information or confidential patient data. We maintain appropriate policies, procedures and mechanisms, including the encryption of data in transmission, to protect confidential patient data and any confidential information we may have about you or your patients. However, it is impossible to guarantee that data or information will not be intercepted or misdirected during transfer over a phone line, Internet or network. You understand that an interception or misdirection of this nature could lead to a use or disclosure of data or information that is not anticipated or authorized.

In the event that TMHP receives an electronic mail or online chat message containing confidential patient data, TMHP will not confirm or include any such information in its response. Furthermore, TMHP may elect to contact you by alternate methods in order to communicate this confidential information.

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